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Reading and Basildon Park

IMG_6294Sunday 13 May

Long drive late in the afternoon to Caversham on the banks of the River Thames to our Crowne Plaza hotel for the next 6 nights which, using points from previous IHG stays, was virtually free.

Monday 14 May

Meet up with John & Deirdre at Basildon Park – a National Trust property just outside Reading on a lovely day so we take advantage and sit on the grass with our lunch.


Shell room


Inside Basildon Park

We were able to get in free due to our membership of the Manx National Heritage.

Basildon Park is an interesting house with a shell room and substantial library as well as a kitchen left in the state it would have been when in it’s heyday.

One field nearby has just been dug up so that the equipment required for ground source heating can be installed which will definitely benefit the finances of the house in the long term.

One or two fields have been left uncut and the resultant display of buttercups was a wonderful sight.


Library room

Cody is just learning to walk and this was a very tiring day for him – we definitely managed to tire him out.

Tuesday 15 May

Cody definitely overwhelmed with his toys for his birthday and might have suffered with Sensory overload as many of them had to be left for opening later.

Lunch out with Barbara followed by a brief stroll in the sun around a park in Woodley, it was up to well over 20C today, by the lake watching the baby geese.


Geese family gathering

At one stage, they all were trying to get up a bank, all but one succeeded and the mother had to nudge the last one further along the bank for an easy access route – mother’s instinct!

Gary has hurt his back playing walking rugby and as he is a bit immobile, we stay with him to put Cody to bed as Flic is at college tonight, she is back at work tomorrow after a year’s maternity leave and holiday – how the time has flown.

Wednesday 16 May

Flic is back to work today and whilst Cody is off to the childminder we have a bit of free time in town but were not impressed by the service for breakfast at John Lewis.


More presents

With Gary, we collect Cody from the childminder – he had been fine after the first few minutes, the other children had taken to him well and Flic was home a few minutes later to have some quality time with Cody, opening more presents.

Thursday 17 May

Ikea breakfast considerably better than John Lewis and at half the price and another day to ourselves although we did have to take Gary to the hospital as he was still suffering with his back and had another appointment.


Grandma’s watch

Lunch at Bosco Lounge in Woodley with Gary before we pick up Cody again from the childminder.

Friday 18 May

Mel is arriving today for a few days (she should have been on a course but that is another story) so we are not going to get a look in as far as Cody is concerned.

We are, instead, off to a pre-arranged meet up with Phillip & Sylvia in Cheshire tomorrow, driving on what might be quiet roads as it is the day of the Royal Wedding in Windsor.



Buttercup field at Basildon Park