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How long did you say this cruise was for?!

1 January

Late ferry and a very empty one with no one else in the Executive lounge and a short drive to Preston for an overnight at the Holiday Inn Express. The new Sat Nav doesn’t work, no maps!

2 January

Drive to Aintree for a bit of shopping at Hobby Craft and Boots. Halfords were good in explaining the problem with the Sat Nav, it may have wiped the maps on uploading changes & registering the item. Maybe Flic & Gary can sort it whilst we are away.

Another blockage on the M6 so yet again we decide to tackle the southward journey by getting across to Wrexham and down the A5 / M54 rejoining the M6 near Walsall. Possibly longer but less frustrating.


View  over the River Thames

Arrive in Reading at about 6pm & check-in to the Crowne Plaza at Caversham, Flic & Gary picking us up an hour later for a meal at the newly opened Cozzee’s.

3 January

A bright morning with the usual bird life on the Thames and after breakfast we drive to Flic & Gary’s, finalise the packing and head off in Flic’s car for Southampton.

Lunch stop at an M3 service station and bump into John & Deirdre quite by chance who had just had their lunch there. They are of course joining us on the cruise to…?

(Well you will just have to wait and see where we are going to and for how long).

Hassle free drive onwards to Southampton cruise terminal and checkin somewhat beset by slowness in front of us – one guy with a foreign passport not having the correct visa holding us up. In the end we are one of the last on for an epic 50 (Yes, FIFTY) day cruise.