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It’s cold in Jersey

IMG_5858Thursday 25 January

Flybe served us well today, leaving on time on way to Birmingham for a change of plane for one that is to take us to Jersey via Guernsey except that Birmingham airport don’t seem to recognise that the plane goes on to Jersey from Guernsey as it doesn’t mention Jersey which might cause confusion to non seasoned travellers.

Our first stay at Sarah & Ali’s new house in deepest St Ouen’s; Sarah must have one of the longest commutes on the island, 9 miles!


Welcoming open fire in Jersey Granite

The house is very cold as for some reason it has no wall insulation. The upstairs room for our bedroom is particularly cold with wood floors and no rugs yet but they do have a welcoming open fire.

Friday 26 January

Breakfast, after quite a cold night at Colleen’s at Greve de Lecq, a favourite of ours followed by some food shopping.

Saturday 27 January

Harry’s birthday party at Trinity Parish Hotel; just as well it is indoors as it rains all day.


Party games

All the 5 and 6 year olds played well together with Sarah organising a couple of games as well.


Dinner time

The food went down well of course, although the fruit and veg were not as popular as the biscuits.

We have tonight been invited to a Burns night at Laura & Jim’s with traditional Haggis, neeps and tattys for a main course and other traditional Scottish fare.

Crawl back “figuratively speaking” in very foggy conditions to Sarah & Ali’s

Sunday 28 January

Still foggy in the morning and whilst Sarah and Ali start on some jobs we venture out for some food and a quick walk before the rain sets in and we get our chance to play with Harry.

Monday 29 January


A friendly crapaud trying a bit of breaking and entering.

Wander out locally, past some stables and out in the evening to see where to pick Harry up from tomorrow, see a settee and pick up a dishwasher, as you do.

Tuesday 30 January

A foul day, cold, windy and wet, collect Harry from child minder after school and drop him off at Sarah’s work. This is the only excercise we get today, the weather was so bad.

Wednesday 31 January

It must have been the worst January we have seen, but then, we have been away each January since we retired.

Our excursion outside today is only to the Cinema to see “Post” about the report in USA about the Vietnam war and the prelude to Watergate. A little too much padding but still enjoyable.

An evening meal on Thursday 1 February with Jim & Laura at The Lazin Lizard which was exceptionally crowded and noisy. Food good but a little nuveau quisine. Back across the country roads in the dark and fog, pretty spooky, and we only saw 6 other cars on the roads.


Jersey market

It is pouring with rain on Saturday but Harry doesn’t mind as he is in the water at Haute Vallee for swimming lessons followed by a few more jobs in town and we are back to see that Ali and a couple of his friends are helping with the putting up of the new roll top garage door to replace the up and over metal one that has seen better days.

Sarah & Ali out tonight so we babysit.

Sunday 4 February

It is again bitterly cold today both inside and outside the house, so cold that we don’t go to watch Harry in his bike race, the wind chill factor makes it just too much.

He is the first boy in his race and is a bit chuffed. Ali and I had taken the cut up old garage door to the dump earlier in the day, for some reason it is only open until just before 1pm on a Sunday.

After the bike race, Harry off to a party and Sarah to lifesaving so everyone’s busy whilst we keep the fire going and the heating on.

Monday 5 February

Breakfast at Colleen’s again, the tide being up and the sea a bit rough, so no chance of beach walking today. More food shopping and some wrapping of presents for the birthday boy.

Was thinking of going to see the Harmony Men but as Sarah’s friend Tracy is with us all for dinner, give it a miss this time.


Playing with birthday presents

Tuesday 6 February

Up early for the birthday boy but he is off to School and doesn’t open many presents before he goes. There is snow on the car we are using – very unusual in Jersey. We are off to town for a lunch with Laura & Jim at de Gruchy’s Brasserie – expensive thesedays.


Birthday treat

As a treat for Harry, we get to Pizza Express at St Brelade’s before packing up for early flight tomorrow back home, via Guernsey and Birmingham.

Wednesday 7 February

Off home and bump into Iain Mason from the Harmony Men at Jersey Airport and find at Birmingham that Jayne Bizec from my Coutts Jersey days was on the plane. Unfortunately , not able to speak long with her.

No issues at all with Flybe, all flights were early but the walking and steps involved at Birmingham airport are excessive. Why do we have to go land side and then back through Security when we are just changing planes?