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Ibiza – March 2018

IMG_610019 March

Why 5am start? Well, to get to Ibiza without changing airports or walking vast distances, it’s the 7am BA flight to London City, with a surprising complimentary breakfast, an hour transfer time and another BA flight to Ibiza with yet another complimentary breakfast.

Unfortunately, with transfers at London City you have to go out and in again, there is no direct transfer which takes time, especially at rush hour, which our arrival is during. We have a problem with a home printed boarding pass so we have to get a new one which involves going back downstairs, visiting the BA desk although we do get fast tracked through security only to sit on the plane at the gate for 50 minutes.

Comfortable flight with plenty of leg room. Arrival at Ibiza and collection of car quite smooth and we set off towards the centre of the island in somewhat overcast conditions.


Agroturismo Can Cosmi Prats

We are staying at Agroturismo Can Cosmi Prats which is not easy to program into our sat nav with the address provided but we get there in the end.

We are met by the owner, Anais, a young woman originally from Valencia, who shows us around the wonderful buildings.



This is her and her partner’s 4th season and today is the opening day of this season and we have the place to ourselves for 3 days before others join us.

Anais so looks like Laura, Flic’s friend, with her long facial features, freckles and dark hair.

Our room is a new one for this year and still has to be painted, so the look inside is rustic both inside and out which is not at all unattractive.


Our bedroom door in the new courtyard

After a tour of the area and a glass of chilled wine, we venture out ending up at Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera, a nearby town that Anais recommends for finding somewhere to eat.


Rustic bedroom

One place recommended is closed for the holidays, opening Wednesday, but the other (Macao) is welcoming even before they open at 7:30 as by now it is raining hard so walking around is not an option.

Excellent food, if a bit pricey and certainly popular for a Monday night.

Having programmed the location of the hotel into the Sat Nav before we left, returning was easy and we made it back there just before heavy rains and thunder & lightning – a rarity in these parts.

It is very cold as well for the time of year so are glad of the heater.

Tuesday 20 March

After a good night’s sleep, we find that the hot water does not work, so no shower today, hopefully it will be fixed by tomorrow.

Breakfast is a wonderful spread of fruit, croissant, fresh orange juice, a cooked dish (to order), and coffee/tea.

None of it was out on a side table, all brought to us from the kitchen area. I don’t want to move after this, possibly one of the best breakfast spreads we have had at a hotel.


Coastline near Sa Canal

Anais suggests going into Ibiza town and then perhaps the salt area by the airport today.

The Sat Nav doesn’t like some of the places around the island and we find ourselves driving through Ibiza town, down very narrow streets as a route has now been pedestrianised since the Sat Nav was configured.

Exit back the way we came and follow signs for Airport and follow map instead to Sa Canal.


Old salt factory engine

For a dead end of a road and only one or two old buildings from the salt factory by the road it was a remarkably busy road but then we discover that behind the beach is a massive car park, virtually empty at this time of year but that is probably where all the cars had gone.

A brief walk along the sandy beach, still too cold to stay out long and we are back in the car and heading off for Cala Moli and Cala Vadella.


Cala Vadella bay

Some nice empty (at this time of year) beaches and bays.

Head out to San Antoni but hit a big traffic jam just outside the town which we therefore give a miss to; returning via a late lunch at Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera and buy some food for a snack later tonight. A stay in sort of a night as it is unseasonably cold.


tree fruit

Although cold, it is now clear so the opportunity was taken for some photographs of the hotel and grounds including their exotic growth from one of their trees (about 20ft tall) as there was no one else around.

I shared some of these with Anais who has used some of them on the hotel’s Facebook page and website; somewhat chuffed about this!


A Terrace at hotel

Wednesday 21 March

Head off north to Port de Sant Miquelon Le Balansat, which like many of the areas has a multitude of beaches, but is still frantically in preparation for the start of the season.

Grab a coffee at the only open restaurant and head off on a very small cross country single track road Eastwards to Portimax and Cindad but again, very little open, only one cafe in Portinax.


Little islands outside Sant Joan de Labritja

Return to Sant Joan de Labritja, a quick walk around and off on the very windy road to Cala de San Vicenc where we stop and stare out to sea.


Cala de San Vicenc

A beautiful sandy beach, at the moment deserted but come the summer will no doubt be heaving, as will be our next stop, Cala Llenya where at least a beach café is open to serve us a drink.

Driving back to the hotel, through Santa Eularia del Rju and the surrounding area, a place we think we should return to.


Artwork at Bar Costa

Time for a sit outside in the sun on our little sheltered terrace before heading off to Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera for a dinner at Bar Costa ( no relation of Costa Coffee in the UK ) with it’s quirky art work inside.

The meal was a sort of a tapas type meal but there was a lot of it allowing us to bring some away with us for tomorrow’s lunch, and all this for €20.70.


Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera church

A good still night for a picture of the local church at Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera.

Thursday 22 March

Cold again, but by lunchtime, cloudless. We are off late today and back to some beaches on the South West including an area obviously being set up for sunset watching, Platja de Comte and some smartly presented housing at Cala Vadella.


Cala Vadella

No chance for a coffee at Platja de Comte so head off for lunch elsewhere.


Platja de Comte

Drive through San Antoni but not overly impressed and again, most places closed for holidays or siesta.

Stop at Lidl for a few snacks including a very nice bottle of Riocha for €3.49! and ground coffee for €0.99 a packet.

A cafe strategically placed at a road junction on the way back entices us in for a drink, my first for about 5 hours, which is not ideal and another sit out in the sun on the terrace.

Try the Lidl coffee, a bit week but put another teaspoonful in and it should be OK.

Dinner tonight is again at Macao café, they recognised us and again, the place was quite full.

Friday 23 March


Ibiza Harbour from the old town

A supposed early start but we get enticed into another good breakfast and by the time we have parked and walked to the centre of Ibiza town it is near enough 11:30.

I go exploring up into the old walled city and Sal reads on a bench in the sun.


Inside the old town walls

Loads of school kids up in the walled town on school visits, all with labels on telling everyone (who can read Spanish that is) where they are from and probably their names. Very noisy.

Climb up further for some more views before returning with a very sore knee to Sal and a welcome drink in a nearby square.



Amble back to car and join in the mass siesta exodus from the town, collecting lunch at Lidl – we know how to enjoy ourselves – before relaxing in the sun by the pool  – still too cold to get in the pool – and on our terrace by our room for the afternoon.

Dinner tonight in La Vela in Cala Llonga, a pizza restaurant that appears to be attached to a locals bar.

The village is, apart from this place and one other, pretty dead. Good quantities of food, Gnochi and Spaghetti Carbonara and two drinks for €26 – not bad and a pleasant owner / server.

No doubt the town will be heaving in a month or two’s time when the tourists arrive and the heat increases.


a bit of sunshine

Saturday 24 March

A dull day following on from yesterday’s good day and we head out to find the Hippy market at Mercadillo Las Dalias just outside San Carlos (eventually) and after a brief stop at Port de Sant Miquel for a coffee although it is too windy to stay outside long.


Hippy Market

Lunch in I Ben Agust at Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera and back for a rest before evening meal at Can Pau where we arrive as the restaurant opens at 8pm and are there on our own for just under an hour before the place begins to fill up – they eat so late in Spain.

As to the meal, well it was Duck that was just with herbs and prunes, nothing else or a whole small chicken with potatoes and no veg.

Somewhat surprisingly, given en it was late March, the music comprised of Christmas music.

Sunday 25 March

We lost an hour as clocks went forward last night so we are even later out from breakfast than we had been the previous few days.


Ibiza “Stonehenge”

Out to find the Stonehenge of Ibiza, a very difficult place to get to, one internet guide says “go to the beach and walk up”.

The Sculpture was commissioned by Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte and created by Australian artist Andrew Rogers.

Beware, the road to it is seriously not made up, extremely bumpy and treacherous.

We never made it to the beach, the drive signposted to the beach is only probably suitable for 4×4 vehicles, but I did get eventually get a view from across the bay, never managing to get there.

Coffee in Cala Vadella, possibly one of the better beaches we have come across but double the price for coffee as the one in Ibiza town and Port de San Miquel.

The sun is out so we head back via Lidl ( for lunch & dinner supplies, coffee and chocolate to bring back ) and some sitting out on our terrace in the last of the day’s sun. I think Spring is finally here.


Our terrace at Agrotourismo Can Cosmi Prats

Monday 26 March

A late breakfast, say our goodbyes to Anais and head for the airport via another beach we hadn’t been to Sa Caleta with some interesting sandstone rock that no doubt is being eroded away quickly with storms etc.

A little sheltered here so some brave souls were out sunbathing on the predominantly stoney beach despite the relatively cool temperatures for the time of year.


A few brave sunbathers


Sa Caleta beach

Drop off hire car and sit in lounge to await plane to London City Airport.

Plane late, so at London City Airport we have something like 20 minutes to get from the arriving plane (at Gate 8) to the departing plane, including getting out of the plane, through immigration to land side and then back air side again (through security) which required a very long walk to gate 14.

We made it, as did our luggage, but it was tight and Sal, especially, did not enjoy the long walks in haste at London city Airport. It was just as well the flight home from London City Airport was also a bit late.

Another holiday over and again, a place I would like to go back to but perhaps more in season than out of season. Certainly the stay at Agroturismo Can Cosmi Prats made the stay even more enjoyable, it was definitely one of the best “hotels” we have stayed at.

There were so many different bays and coves that were picturesque, this brief account couldn’t really do justice to the island.

Next stop Jersey again for some grandson sitting.


Beach at Sa Caleta