Heading for Bermuda

Happy_birthday8 January

A sea day as we head for our first “new” country on this adventure since retirement – Bermuda.

I had misread the daily newsletter – the Horizon – and had put my iPad forward by an hour overnight but in fact it is tomorrow they go back – twit.

Consequently, we get up late but are still in time for breakfast – Sunday special is Smoked Salmon in Scrambled Eggs and still we have a lovely calm sea, aren’t we lucky.

The Port talk today is on Key West, a place we were at 3 months ago just before the Hurricane hit the northern part of Florida, but are always happy to go back here. One new point that we didn’t know about is the origin of the Key Lime Pie, which was created by Aunt Sally in her kitchen.

We meet an Isle of Man person after lunch, travelling on her own and just assumed that we knew everyone on the island, as they do. We never saw her again!

We even venture into the golf practice area – the first time we have hit a golf ball in years – enough exercise for the day though!



Sal & Deirdre off to see Bridget Jones Baby whilst John & I opt for a talk on the RAF’s Vulcan bombers. A somewhat disjointed talk, but the two violinists, Electra made the evening along with the earlier performance by the Harmony Duo, a classical pianist and his female Russian violinist.

9 January

Today’s Port talk is on New Orleans and was interesting although we intend doing our own thing during the day but have opted for an organised Jazz dinner on the Paddle Steamer as we are overnighting there.

The evening entertainment is by an American juggler, not something that I would have rushed to see but he was good and a bit of a comic to boot.  Just as well the ship’s motion was not too violent to start with – it got choppier later on though.

10 January


Birthday couple

Now this is one of the reasons we are here – John’s 70th and Dierdre’s “not quite” 70th birthdays are today, so presents at breakfast, pictures at every meal but very inclement weather, with a Force 8 for the day, driving rain, high waves and as the captain put it, “a number of potholes in the sea”.

As a birthday treat we all went to the cinema in the afternoon to watch “Sully”, a film about the crash landing of the passenger plane on the River Hudson in New York a few years back.  Isn’t it “wonderful” how insurance firms try to wriggle out of paying up after an incident like this.


Chocolate desert – Yum!

P & O have a separate restaurant (for which you pay a cover charge) called Sindhu which is an Indian Restaurant so, with the added bonus of a couple of free bottles of wine we settle down for a celebratory meal.

Not perhaps as good as another occasion when we dined in Sindhu on another ship but nevertheless still a good evening, especially the deserts although should I be eating so much chocolate?

It is a shame though that the waiter came up to John near the end and said “shall I bring out the surprise cake now?”.

John of course wasn’t aware that the cake was a surprise for him from Jill, Pete & Lizzie! Too much food so the cake will have to be eaten later.

Fogwell Flax was the comedian tonight with lots of impressions of not only people but helicopters, washing machines, bikes and many other items. Very talented guy but you have to question: “How did he know he could do these things?”. Let us hope we get a better night’s sleep after the previous night’s loss of sleep with the bouncing around on the waves.

11 January

A better night, with less bumping around and not so many waves hitting the boat and somewhat surprisingly, we are hungry. Port talk today on Montego Bay followed by a talk on Elvis Presley and lunch in the Peninsular restaurant as there was no room in the cafe upstairs.

Still a bit rough but now easing slowly although it is still cool. Night time entertainment was another rendition of Destination Dance by the Headliners Theatre group. It is Bermuda tomorrow.



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